Frequently Asked Questions

1Can you send me a list of sites you offer?
No, sorry. We have and still do work very hard to source and build relationships with the sites that we offer links on so even though we would love for you to see the high-quality of the sites we offer for yourself we cannot send you any site URL's because unfortunately, some people will attempt to contact the site owners directly and this is bad business for us.
2Are these links Google safe?
All link building caries risk but, in general, these type of links are much safer than PBN links. These links are editorial links within relevant content on niche relevant real websites. As far as Google is concerned the site owner has come across your website and has chosen to link to it.
3Are these links homepage links?
No, although some sites may show the article / link on the homepage for some time, in general, the links are placed within a new post which will be on a new inner page.
4Do you use PBN's for any of the links?
Absolutely not, all of the links we sell are on real websites which are not owned by us and are not part of anyone else's private blog network. The sites we use are aged and get real traffic. We source all of the sites we sell links on by manually searching and reaching out to blog owners. Before listing links for sale all sites go through an inspection process which includes: 1. Initial site inspection to check for all of the known PBN site giveaways including things like non-matching domain name, homepage links, 3rd party social media accounts, fake personas and suspect looking ad banners. 2. Whois check (do the details match our blog contact). 3. Traffic check (does the site receive sufficient traffic). 4. IP check (we keep an internal record of each site's IP address to make sure you never order links for the same site from sites hosted on the exact same or same C block IP address). To give full peace of mind any concerns with links being placed on PBN's will be thoroughly looked into by our support team where we will be more than happy to request links be removed and we will, of course, issue a full refund.
5Are these links safe and suitable for my clients?
Yes absolutely, these links are safe and effective to use for all sorts of clients from blue colour to five figure a month corporations. All our links are perfect for client websites and can be proudly shown in monthly client reports.
6What is the turnaround time?
Our turnaround time is around 7-12 days from the date the PayPal invoice is paid.
7Do take orders for foreign language sites?
If you would like to order for a foreign language site please contact us with the ID number of site(s) you would like links from before you place an order. We will then contact the site owner to confirm whether or not they will allow links to foreign language sites. If the site owner does accept links to foreign language sites the article itself would usually always have to be written in English so if this is an issue there is nothing we can do, sorry.
1Do I get a full report showing my live links?
Yes, once your order is complete we send you a full report which includes the URL's of your live links.
2Where will my links be placed?
Your links will be placed within high-quality relevant content which will form a new post on your chosen site(s).
3How long will my links stay live
Links will usually stay live permanently. The majority of sites we use have been around for years and will likely be around for years and years more. As we don't own any of the sites we use we cannot guarantee links will stay live permanently but, we do have our own 180 day guarantee policy so if any of your links stop to exist within 180 days we will either replace or refund the link.
4Who writes the content for the links?
We do. Your article(s) will be written by one of our in-house professional native UK / USA writers to ensure your link is placed within high-quality and of course, niche relevant content which has been researched and structured to an extremely high level. Before posting all articles also go through a secondary quality control proofread check using help from Grammarly Pro.
5Are there discounts available for bulk orders or agencies?
Yes, we can look at discounted pricing on a case by case basis depending on the quantity of links you would like and whether or not you plan on ordering links on a recurring basis. We can start to look at discounts for orders of 10+ links. Please contact us to discuss. We also offer packages of 5 guest posts at a discounted rate which can be seen here
6What payment types do you accept and can you invoice?
We take payments using PayPal. We send you a PayPal invoice with each order.
7Do you take orders for adult, pharma, gambling or spam sites?
No, sorry. We don't take orders for any of these types of sites and please don't contact us about placing an order for a spammy site that a real blog owner would never link out to, even if paid.