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At we are proud to do white hat outreach the right way. We don’t run personal outreach campaigns for each client, but at over half the price and almost the same, you’ll find it hard to complain.

If you are looking for a blogger outreach service that can provide quality links on real blogs that receive real traffic then you have come to the right place.

We were recently voted the best guest post service by over 450 SEOs and are trusted by over 1000 clients including many large SEO agencies.

What can you expect when using this service?


  • Choose the sites you want posts on. Unlike a lot of other similar services where you order with the promise of say a DA25+ blog and then the service provider chooses a site for you gives you the freedom of being able to choose which sites you get to post on. We provide you with all of the metrics you need including DA, DR, referring domains and monthly traffic. You can find this information for each blog on our sites and pricing page.
  • Real blogs that are independently owned. We don’t use any sort of private blog networks and offer a money back guarantee on this promise.
  • Blogs that receive real traffic. Before sites are added to the service they must meet our minimum monthly organic traffic figure. This means that you can order knowing that you are going to be receiving posts from blogs that get real visitors.
  • Guest posts that you can proudly show your clients. That’s right, no longer will you need to be careful about what you can or cannot show your clients. You aren’t going to receive posts on any badly designed thin content private blog network sites which have 0 user engagement.
  • Contextual links placed within niche relevant content. You won’t be getting links added into sentences of existing posts. We custom create article topics around your target URL’s.
  • Safe and natural backlinks. Any sort of link building carries a degree of risk but, they are ways to be smart about link building and reduce that risk down to a minimum. If done right guest posting is one of the safest and most natural link building methods there is.

Keep reading to find out what we mean by guest posting the right way but first, let us explain how the service works.

How does the service work? - 10 Simple Steps

  1. Head over to our sites and pricing page where you can browse, filter and sort the sites we offer to find blogs which cover topics in your niche as well as ones which meet certain metric criteria and budget.

  2. Select the sites you want, add them to cart and checkout. If you don’t already have an account you will need to create one.

  3. Fill out the order form with the details you want us to use for your posts and complete the checkout and payment process.

  4. We create article topics around the information you provided us.

  5. We email those article topics to the blog owners to get approval.

  6. The article topics are either approved or declined (usually within 48 hours of ordering). Currently, we see roughly a 90% approval rate. If for any reason the blog owner declines to post then you will be given the option from within your account area to either choose another site or be refunded.

  7. Approved article topics are then given to our writers so they can start writing the content for your posts.

  8. The completed content is then checked by our head of content and sent to the blog owner for posting.

  9. The blog owner then posts the article on their site (usually within 48 hours of sending).

  10. We check that the post is live and that the target URL and anchor text are correct and then add the live post URL to your order report which you can view from within your account login area.

Would you like to see some sample posts?

Who is this service for

Why use us over the competition

SEO Agencies

As a blogger outreach agency ourselves we love to work with SEO agencies that benefit from our white label link building support. If you own an SEO agency you have likely tried to do outreach yourself and found the process time consuming and not efficient enough when working with clients across multiple difference niches. At Love To Link, we take all of the workload off your hands allowing you to care for your customers and business. Simply order the sites you want posts on and we take care of the rest.

Freelance SEOs

As a freelance SEO, you are likely short on time and in a position where you are taking on every single task. Don’t let a shortage of time stop you from growing your business. We can take of your link building for you leaving you to build and scale your business.

Business owners with little SEO experience

If you are a local business owner with little SEO experience then it’s best to leave link building to the experts. I’m a strong believer that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. This doesn’t mean you can’t order some guest posts from us and be on your way to better rankings for your website. Contact us today and we will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions.

The Love To Link Guarantee

  • Links from real sites with real traffic
  • Links that you can proudly show your clients
  • No private blog networks
  • No repurposed domains
  • No posts labeled as sponsored or paid
  • No author bio links
  • Links guaranteed for the lifetime of the blog
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer service
This is Our Guarantee or Your Money Back!

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Money Back

Backlinks that produce long term results time and time again

This client achieved page 1 ranking increases for multiple keywords.

This client achieved top 3 positions for multiple competitive keywords.

This client achieved close to a 400% increase in traffic.

This client achieved good traffic increase averages with peaks of over a 900% increase.

What our clients say about the service

Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart

“Dan hooked me up with some links to review. Not only were they on high DR sites, the articles were well written, the sites actually got traffic and it was all at a very good price too.”

Matt Diggity
Matt Diggity
Diggity Marketing

“Recently I did some outreach pillowing with Dan’s service and I have to say I was impressed. Good turnaround time and prices. Clean links with single do-follow links on them.”

Charles Floate
Charles Floate

“I have personally worked with Dan and it’s refreshing to see a guest post service that entirely consists of real sites and doesn’t just use well built PBNs.”

Chris Walker
Chris Walker
Superstar SEO

“I run 3 successful SEO based businesses so I understand the need for guest posting and building quality relationships, but I just don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves. Dan and Love To Link have created a great resource for not only allowing me to buy back the time that outreach would take me, but to provide sites that I never would have been able to get in the first place. Highly reccomended.”

Doug Stewart
Doug Stewart

“I’ve heard more and more people talking about getting links from sites with traffic. So I wanted to test this out and found Love To Link was just starting to offer a “REAL” guest posting service. On top of seeing great results (2 links moved a KW I had stuck at the bottom of page 1) working with Dan and his team is a pleasure. I always believe that quality services deserve feedback and I’m recommending this service to anyone looking for “REAL” guest posts. Looking forward to the next SERP movements.”

Frequently Asked Questions

No, sorry. We have and still do work very hard to source and build relationships with the sites that we offer links on so even though we would love for you to see the high-quality of the sites we offer for yourself we cannot send you any site URL’s because unfortunately, some people will attempt to contact the site owners directly and this is bad business for us.

Yes, once your order is complete we send you a full report which includes the URL’s of your live links.

All link building caries a certain degree of risk. If done right, guest posting is amongst the safest form of link building and is what some people refer to as white hat link building. The links we provide are within relevant content on real independently owned websites. Posts are not marked as sponsored or paid in any way so far as Google is concerned the blog owner has chosen to link to your site of their own accord.

Your links will be placed contextually within high quality relevant content which will form a new post on your chosen site. You won’t get any author bio links with this service.

Absolutely not, all of the links we sell are on real websites which are not owned by us and are not part of anyone else’s private blog network. The sites we use are aged and get real traffic. We source all of the sites we sell links on from manual outreach. Before listing links for sale all sites go through a number of inspection processes. The PBN inspection includes: 1. Check for strangely branded domain name (where the domain name doesn’t match the theme of the site). 2. homepage links. 3. 3rd party social media accounts. 4. Fake personas. 5. Suspect looking ad banners. 5. Whois check (do the details match our blog contact). 6. Traffic check (does the site receive sufficient traffic). 7. IP check (we keep an internal record of each site’s IP address to make sure you never order links for the same site from sites hosted on the exact same or same C block IP address). To give full peace of mind any concerns with links being placed on PBN’s will be thoroughly looked into by our support team. The Love To Link Guarantee, our satisfaction or money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that any posts you are not happy with can be requested to be removed and we will, of course, issue a full refund.

Links will stay live permanently (for the lifetime of the website). The majority of sites we use have been around for years and will likely be around for many years and years to come. As we don’t own any of the sites we use we cannot guarantee links will stay live permanently but, we have a solution for that. The Love To Link Guarantee, our satisfaction or money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that any links or posts removed within the lifetime of the website (that’s right we offer a lifetime guarantee) will either be replaced the link or refund you in full for it.

No, although some sites may show the article and or link on the homepage for some time. Generally the links are placed within a new post which will be on a new inner page.

We do. Your article will be written by one of our in-house professional native writers to ensure your link is placed within around 500 words of high quality niche relevant content. Our writers will first research the topic and then plan out engaging content around it. To ensure we keep to a consistent high level of final work all articles go through a secondary quality control check using help from Grammarly Pro. They then go through a third proofread check by our head of content before being sent for posting.

All link building caries a certain degree of risk. If done right, guest posting is amongst the safest form of link building and is what some people refer to as white hat link building. The links we provide are within relevant content on real independently owned websites. Posts are not marked as sponsored or paid in any way so far as Google is concerned the blog owner has chosen to link to your site of their own accord. The vast majority of the blogs we work with are designed to a high standard so showing clients the links you have built for them is something you can do with pride.

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders of 10+ links. For more details on our bulk discounts please visit our agency discount page.

Our current turnaround time is around 7-14 days.

Currently, we can only take payments via PayPal.

As long as you don’t mind the article being written in English as well as the keyword anchor text then this usually is not a problem and something we can and have done in the past. Using a foreign branded anchor text is also acceptable as well as a foreign language naked URL.

Yes, there are which include: Adult, pharma, drugs like marijuana, gambling and any niches that promote hate or violence. If sites are listed as covering marijuana or gambling topics then obviously we can process orders for those topics but only for the specific sites which are listed as covering those topics.

5 Tips to get the best results from this service

helpful tips
  1. Don’t order sites by just going off of a high DA score. DA is a very popular and commonly used metric but, it’s just one guideline of sites authority and only tells a small part of the whole story. When choosing sites for guest posts I do take a look at DA and DR but, before making a final decision I will always look at how many referring domains the site has as well as how much traffic a site is getting. If a site has a good number of referring domains and is also getting a good number of website visits then I know the site is solid. Unhealthy sites don’t rank for many keywords and therefore don’t receive website traffic.

  2. Choose your anchor text wisely. The most common anchor text issues I see are either too many repetitions of the same keyword anchor text, geo anchor text that only SEOs would use like plumbers Miami (this isn’t correct English and using plumbers in Miami will still help you rank the plumbers Miami) or, people seem to overdo the use of keyword anchor text. This last one may not always be an issue if you already have a diversified anchor text profile but, I get the impression some people feel because they are paying $100+ for a link that they have to use a keyword anchor text. If you keep up with this ideology then you will see a negative impact on your site.

  3. Properly plan which target URL’s to use. It’s fairly obvious that you want to link to pages you are trying to rank but, there are some things to think about before ordering. For example, it’s not good to have all of your links pointing to just 1 page on your site this looks unnatural and 2018 is not the best way to go about it. Instead, try to spread the links over multiple money pages and focus on internal linking so the link juice flows around the site.

  4. Aim to have things looking natural to Google. Part of doing SEO is to make things look natural to Google, for example, you don’t want to order 10 guest posts, have them all placed within 1 week and then not do any more link building for weeks. It’s always best to keep up with your link building with the aim of having a consistent but random number of links coming to your site each month. Something that can help your link building look natural to Google is the use of social signals. If you are planning to build a decent amount of links to your site within a fairly short amount of time then it’s advisable to order a small number of social signals just before you start link building. Something like 200 social signals over 10-20 days will do the job nicely.

  5. Be patient when monitoring results. It’s 2018 and SEO is not the same as it used to be, posts take longer to index and links take longer to take effect. Nowadays we have been finding guest post links to take anywhere from 1-4 weeks before we see any movement in the SERPs.

3 Tips to avoid disappointment when buying guest posts

  1. Avoid services which offer lots of guest posts for $60 or less. The sayings if it’s too good to be true and you get what you pay for come to mind here. Think about it logically, if a service is offering guest posts for $60 how can they be making any money after they have paid the blog owner for the post, paid for content to be written and then cover any payment and business costs. It’s just not possible to be making money selling lots of guest posts at such low prices, even with bulk orders. We know this for sure because of our own costs.

  2. Be wary of services that will happily send you a list of site URL’s. Any legit guest post service is not going to want their potential clients to have the full list of sites. If real outreach was done they would have worked hard to build a relationship with the bloggers. Handing over a large list of sites is also not good for business, it gives the opportunity for potential clients to contact the blog owners themselves and it also leaves the list of sites open to being passed around and spammed by other SEO’s. Other than lists of well-known sites which offer editorial style guest posts like Forbes legit service providers will only be handing over a list of sites if they are either private blog network sites likely owned by them or people they know or, the sites are already so spammed that they don’t care if people pass the list around. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have contacted me to offer me guest posts on a list of sites they have. I do the same thing each time, I add 200 of the URL’s into Ahrefs and each and every time a high percentage of the sites have hundreds of referring domains and rank for almost no keywords. This is a huge red flag and I always stay well clear and, so should you.

  3. Avoid services which guarantee placements. If you come across a service which guarantees you placements then they are very likely to be offering posts on blogs which they control. Any self respecting blog owner is never going to let you post about whatever you like on their blog. Even after building relationships with bloggers a legit outreach link building service should always have to first get article topics approved before content is sent to be posted. This is how we run our service and is the only way outreach guest posting should be done.

5 Things to avoid if you want to do guest posting the right way

  1. Posts labeled as either paid or sponsored. Why should this be avoided? It’s simple really if your posts are labeled as being paid for in some way then this obviously means the link in the post was not earned naturally rather paid for. If Google every manually review your site and see these posts then you can bet that you are going to get hit with a manual penalty.

  2. Author bio links. Links within an author bio should always be avoided because these type of links are a much lower quality link that a contextual link within an article. Author bio links are a clear sign that you have written the blog post which is not a good thing. The aim when guest posting is to make it look like the blog owner has written the post themselves and that your link was added to the post by their own choosing and without any incentive.

  3. Blogs that receive no or very little organic traffic. A blog that receives almost no organic traffic is a clear sign that the site is not in good health and will likely have no authority and therefore no link juice power. As previously mentioned sites with a high number of referring domains and very little traffic should always be avoided. Another reason sites with very little traffic should be avoided is because they are likely to not be a real blog and actually be part of a private blog network.

  4. Asking for more than one link to your site. This one might be obvious to most people but, we do get clients asking for more than one link to two different pages of their site, usually their sites homepage and an inner page. I always advise clients against this because it’s just not natural for a blog owner to link out to the same site twice in one article.

  5. Asking for links to different sites in the same post. This is something which clients sometimes ask for and again I always advise against it. Linking to two different sites in the same post itself isn’t bad, it does, however, become bad when done multiple times. I understand why clients ask for this, it cuts costs, but it’s just not a risk worth taking. Linking out to the same two sites within one post multiple times is a footprint and in doing so you risk being slapped by Google.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is when a blog owner allows you to post an article you have written on their blog. Usually, a blog owner will allow this for one of two reasons. The first is simply for a financial gain, you article is allowed to be posted in exchange for an agreed one time payment. The second reason is bloggers need content for their blog so allowing you to post something you have written helps fill their blog with content which is what their readers are wanting. Guest posting has been around for a while now and is not only used by SEOs. Plenty of bloggers guest post on each other’s blogs and use this to engage with a different audience.

What is an editorial post?

When people speak of editorial posts they are usually referring to posts on high authority sites such as Forbes and Huffington Post. These sort of posts come with high ticket pricing and can often cost in excess of $1000. This sort of pricing may seem overpriced but, people use these sort posts for other reasons outside of link building. Yes, links from high authority sites like these hold great SEO value but, there is another reason people use them and are willing to pay these sorts of prices. Having a site like Forbes or Huffington post feature your website allows you to say they featured your site on your own website. This is a proven marketing technique that helps create brand trust. The technique is popular because it has been proven to increase conversion rates which of course leads to an increase in revenue.

What does the term blogger outreach mean?

The term blogger outreach simply refers to reaching out to blog owners, usually via email or their site contact form to ask if they accept guest posts on their blog. There are other ways to get prospects which include using social media platforms such as Twitter.

Doing manual blog outreach is a time-consuming task which consists of multiple stages. The first stage requires you to find the blogs which you are going to contact and is often referred to as prospecting. Prospecting for blogs can be done several ways, the most popular way is to use Google search operators to find blogs which are mentioning things like about writing for them or guest posting for them. Some examples of popular search operators include inurl:write-for-us and inurl:guest-posts. Once you have found the blogs you want to reach out to the next stage is to collect the contact information of the blogger. Once you have a name and email address or, at worst an email address you are going to want to use a tool like Mailshake which will help you send and organize the emails and replies. Once you have contacted a good amount of prospects you will then need to sort through the replies and respond accordingly. It’s best to pitch them for a paid post and try to negotiate a fair price. Once you have agreed on a price you will then need to speak with them about the topic of the article to make sure it is suitable for them. All that is left to do then if have an article written and email it over to be posted.